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Preparing for a Tornado

Tornado PrepareSee a tornado approaching? Hear or see the tornado warning? Do you know what to do?

When a tornado touches down, people face more than just high winds. Injury is likeliest to occur from flying and falling objects. More injuries occur in the aftermath; where hazards lie in the wreckage left behind. Until modern science can figure out a way to dissipate tornadoes, you'll need to know how to get ready for them.


Dealing With a Tornado

A twister can touch down without warning, sometimes without the benefit of a tornado warning or even a thunderstorm.  For you folks in tornado country, you also have to be aware that clouds and rain also can obstruct your view. It is important to learn how to detect and react to tornadoes and minimize your risk of harm.


Recovering From a Tornado

Picking up the piecesIt's fine and well to tell you to just stay calm and keep your head down when one of nature's most ferocious displays is challenging your mortality. I for one, was pretty shaken up as a kid by it.  Still, it doesn't take a wealth of brains to know to stay in your shelter until you are absolutely sure it's over.  The thing to do once it is over, is to keep your cool if you are fine, because other people may need you.


Protect Your Home Against Tornado Damage

Tornado Damage"Tornado Alley" is loosely defined as the very large territory that extends from Texas, northward to eastern Nebraska and northeast to Indiana. Still..tornadoes can definitely appear outside these boundaries.



Tornado Facts

Tornado FactsTornadoes can strike very quickly, and often without much warning. Contrary to popular belief, they are not always so easy to see, as they are near transparent when they are first formed. After all, a tornado is composed primarily, or wind! What gives them the dark appearance we associate with tornadoes is actually dust and debris it picks up.


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